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AF025 Vicious Blade ‎– Vicious Blade ep

Vicious Blade ‎– Vicious Blade ep

A necessary reissue of the self-titled demo from Steel City crossover rippers Vicious Blade whose initial band-released run sold out. Five tracks of blackened old school death-thrash from Pittsburgh, now introduced to the world.

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AF024 Ages of Blood ‎– Pagan Medieval Aristocracy

Ages of Blood ‎– Pagan Medieval Aristocracy

Darkly entrancing and unpredictable yet calling deeply upon the blood, Pagan Medieval Aristocracy, the debut EP from Argentinian black metal mage Ages of Blood, shines like a weapon magical and unbreakable.

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AF023 Ixaxaar Nexia ‎– Demo MMXX

Ixaxaar Nexia ‎– Demo MMXX

Presented for the first time on pro-tape, Ixaxaar Nexia’s Demo MMXX represents the most forward-thrusting, hyperviolent and unexpected debut of 2020.

The Toronto-based quantum death quartet shred genre distinctions, ear drums and listener expectations within the opening moments of their three-track deadly, alien artifact of a demo.

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AF022 Mortuaire ‎– Demo 2020

Mortuaire ‎– Demo 2020

Like plague rats routed from the catacombs by a rising tide of human filth, true evil has returned to France.

Hail Mortuaire, three teenagers spawned and reared in the land of unholy black magic supreme.

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AF021 The Incursion ‎– Pandemonium

The Incursion ‎– Pandemonium

Now deeply-ingrained in the hostile American underground, the California black/death psychoterrorist cell The Incursion strike again with their deadliest and most elaborate attack yet.

Those who seek the aural and mental abuse similar to that dealt by bands such as Nuclearhammer, Konflict, Tetragrammacide should ask themselves why they’re still reading. Support the war against all.

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AF020 Evil Army ‎– Unclean Spirit 7"

Evil Army

After 4 years of missing in action, Evil Army return to continue the mission of exterminating all the dayglo ‘party thrash’ posers!

The true force of old school thrashing destruction returns with Unclean Spirit, a new 7” of pure underground American metal supremacy.

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AF019 The Incursion ‎– 2019 Demo

The Incursion

Heavy ordnance deployed with the utmost prejudice in three brief but completely devastating torrents. Bone-shattering blasts accompanied by full metal riffs and pig-slaughter vocals. Fomenting yet nihilistic, grinding and blackened, The Incursion’s debut marks the rise of a most hostile fucking entity.

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AF018 Hulder ‎– De Oproeping Van Middeleeuwse Duisternis


Our Ancient Future compiles both Hulder recordings onto one cassette tape, De Oproeping Van Middeleeuwse Duisternis. As Hulder shows zero indication of relenting, this compilation will prove mandatory in the coming years for those who worship the likes of early Satyricon, Mayhem, Black Cilice, and anything that impales the psyche with raw malice.

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AF017 DRUX ‎– Herkeleth

DRUX - Herkeleth

From unknown hinterlands of western Sweden comes DRUX, impenetrable black metal violence. One unknown man stands accountable for DRUX, and Herkeleth, originally released in 2016 on an extremely limited CD, represents his entrance into the underground.

For fans of anti-human black metal like Antaeus, Hatespirit, Striborg.

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AF016 Vanvid ‎– hol

Vanvid ‎– hol

Psychoactive and highly paranormal black metal recorded two years ago in one delirious ten hour session, hol is the debut and sole recording of Icelandic duo Vanvid. Four tracks of warped second wave black metal and one epic spell of dark ambient to seal the madness make hol a demo as substantial and immersive as a full album.

For fans of Gorgoroth, Ungfell, Wagner Ödegård.

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AF015 Abysme ‎– Acrid Life

Abysme ‎– Acrid Life

With Acrid Life, Pittsburgh’s death metal power trio return after seven years of reclusive inactivity. After all this time Abysme reemerge with their sound completely unchanged to present 5 new tracks of cryptic and mid-paced death metal. Crushed in the grip of doom, or blasted apart and skewered by solos, every moment of Acrid Life evokes the grave and the dreadful fear thereof.

Mandatory for fans of Derkéta, Nunslaughter and Contaminated.

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AF014 Defecrator/Ritual Genocide ‎– Anti-Human Deathcult/Death Exalted

Defecrator/Ritual Genocide ‎– Anti-Human Deathcult/Death Exalted

Northern California’s mid-paced conflagration Defecrator joins in unholy warfare with the vortex of warped torture and mauling chaos that is Reno’s Ritual Genocide. Three counts of unmitigated assault from each camp; altogether nothing but hateful, honed, and highly intolerant drumfire for twenty-five minutes straight.

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After subsuming its previous incarnation, Atomic Grave, this one-maniac death unit raised the banner Attrition and discharged its first attack in the form of hand-dubbed cassettes. Available initially in only two runs of ludicrously limited copies, Attrition’s debut tape is a three-stage charred-black and total death strike that leaves nothing behind except a sick admiration for one’s conqueror.

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Leftover stock from the Taphos Nomos/Tomb Mold East Coast Tour. "Three songs captured at The Dig Site on the occasion of a stormy weekend, in preparation for Natural Death MMXVIII."

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Plague Phalanx

Hooded in black anonymity, these San Jose-based voidtroopers return to the year 2017 bearing seven new arms of annihilating blackdeath supremacy. Iniquitous Eugenics inflames the bestial impulses and invokes indiscriminate genocide with pestilential guitars, panzerblast drums, and warped vox like ghastly howls from the slaughterhouse drainpipes. Gluttons for Sect Pig, Goatpenis, and Crurifragium will relish this filth.

Limited to 200 copies includes download code. Terror repeats on both sides.

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Taphos Nomos / URÐUN: R.I.P.

Available for the first time on vinyl, R.I.P. proves that all along there existed a tacit competition between Urðun and Taphos Nomos. An unspoken challenge to see which band could write the most brutal song. With Rarely Investigated Phenomena, Taphos Nomos show themselves to be more disciplined and laconic with their death metal, but all the gothic weirdness that you loved about West of Everything Lies Death is not only present, but refined and more creatively blended in. While Urðun simply just got better at ripping off heads. Their Rigorously Intensified Putrefaction sounds perfect on vinyl, that most arcane format, where the maddening depths of their morbidity are here best explored.

Limited to 300, hand-numbered, vinyl lp's. 100 Transparent Red/200 Black. Comes with a 2 band stickers + download code for MP3, FLAC or WAV file Order here.



A name that’s earned a reputation for consistency and devotion, Hellfire Deathcult—in only four years—have carved their niche with napalm, jackhammers, and an unflagging delivery of unholy warfare. Yet on Death Worship, their third release to date, Chicago’s hooded beasts somehow outdo themselves. Hear mutated wild boar vocals spew nuclear hate. Hear riffs like infernal winds of hell rupturing forth from the earth, chased with bat-winged tormentors and leather-clad eaters of carrion. Hear drums blasting and blasting like some desperate gunner unloading round after round in an attempt to take the goddamn thing down. More than Archgoat’s supporting act, Hellfire Deathcult have transcended their bestial bonds for something purer evil. Death Worship is six attacks (plus an intro) of unstoppable demonic violence against humanity.

Limited to 200, hand-numbered, pro-quality cassettes, pro-printed j-cards. Comes with a download code for MP3, FLAC or WAV file Order here.



The Morbid Cult is the debut offering from Moribundus Christus. Four spells of unholy and necrocophonous depredation to warp your mind and rape your soul. Fans of Orgy of Carrion, Satanize, Voltaic Omen, and similar methods of aural destruction will revel in Moribundus Christus’ relentless bestial assault. This is deep and real black metal, caustic to outsiders and pretenders. Moribundus Christus is grinding black metal filth. Recommended if you hate.

Limited to 100 Hand-Numbered Professional Cassette + digital download code. Order here.


First released intangibly upon touring stateside with Archgoat, Hellfire Deathcult’s Culto a la Muerte is a deadly scourge spreading rapidly throughout the underground. After a necessary six-month incubation period this noxious blend of pestilential torture is finally manifest in its physical consummation. Bearing nine curses of atmospheric and bestial cruelty cast against all life and sworn with the secret sign by a band rabid with vitriol and possessed by manifold evil.

A mandatory purchase for followers of Antediluvian, Teitanblood, and Genocide Shrines. This is Culto a la Muerte.

Professional Cassette + 3 1/2" Embroidered Patch + digital download code. Order here or at Bandcamp.

AF004 DEFECRATOR: Satanic Martyrdom 7"

Following up last year’s traumatizing Tales of Defecration demo, Northern California’s Defecrator now unleash their latest opus, Satanic Martyrdom, on 7” vinyl from Our Ancient Future Records. Judging by the hellish sounds captured on this recording, it’s evident that the trio spent the time between the demo and Satanic Martyrdom whetting their blades and antagonizing their sadistic urges.

With two new statements of confrontational blackened death chaos, Defecrator prove their volatility is matched only by their restraint, and their dedication to the production of profane aural devastation.

Comes with digital download code. Order here or at Bandcamp.

AF005 ABYSME: Strange Rites 12"

Originally released in 2012 on CD by Hellthrasher Productions, Strange Rites is the first and only full length by the Pittsburgh-based death metal trio known as Abysme. Formed in 2006 and comprised of ex-members of Funerus and Crucial Unit, Abysme practiced their cryptic metal of death for three years before making a permanent mark on the world of man with their now extinct demo tape. Three years later they emerged from the catacombs once more with Strange Rites.

Ten tracks of subterranean and eldritch death worship now available for the first time on vinyl only from Our Ancient Future Records.

Comes with digital download code. Order here or at Bandcamp.

AF003 Naturvidrig: Sönderfall

Sönderfall --translated as decay-- is the wretched and murderous debut EP from Naturvidrig, a black metal band originating from the Swedish countryside of provincial Värmland.

Recorded and produced by members Thomsen & Ataraktika during the sunless winter of 2015, it deals with the deterioration of mind, spirit and civilization. Naturvidrig is currently exploring their craft further for a possible future full-length.

Comes with digital download code + sticker. Order here or at Bandcamp.

AF002 CANT: Demo 2015 Out Now

Formed in late 2014, CANT unleashed their Doom-Laden metal on an unsuspecting Pittsburgh. Now, their 2015 demo is available. Contains 18 minutes, 3-tracks. Play Loud.

Comes with digital download code. Order online. or at our Bandcamp.

AF001 Evil Army: EVIL ARMY S/T Out Now

Available now for the first time on cassette, the 2006 debut lp by EVIL ARMY. Produced by Jay Reatard, hyped by Phil Anselmo and blows away 95% of any speed or thrash metal ever released since.  

"Not to be lumped in with the latest craze of crappy thrash polluting the underground. Features 13 tracks of demonic driven speed metal with a raw hardcore attitude. For fans of old SLAYER, D.R.I., old METALLICA ("Kill 'Em All" era)." This is the release that put EVIL ARMY at the front of the line for for thrash bands in the United States.  

Comes with a sticker and digital download code. Order it up.

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