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Our Ancient Future

Metal, Noise, Punk Rock & Other Curiosities.

AF022: Mortuaire "Demo 2020"

Like plague rats routed from the catacombs by a rising tide of human filth, true evil has returned to France.

Hail Mortuaire, three teenagers spawned and reared in the land of unholy black magic supreme. Akin to their French ancestors (e.g. Vlad Tepes, Mütiilation, Darvulia), Mortuaire cast pestilential, raw and viciously hateful darkness cobwebbed with the asphyxiating atmosphere of the claustrophobic tunnels from whence they emanated.

Released at the dawn of the modern pandemic, Mortuaire has resisted hype, slumbering in the deepest crevasse of the underground, awaiting the hour of dread prophecy, when a stranger from overseas would offer to release these three spells on the world. That time has come. 

Edition of 100 / Pro Tapes