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An Official Statement on AF012.


While the original notification has been buried by other social media posts over the years, I thought it was a good time to post a sticky reminder about the AF012, Sacrificial Massacre release. We are not the first heavy metal label that has had something like this happen - and likely will not be the last.

In 2017, we released a cassette from Sacrificial Massacre. This release had themes based in ancient Aztec pagan culture along with a raw black metal sound.  We released 130 copies on cassette.

2 & 1/2 years later - roughly in 2019 - we were notified about a new release from this band that clearly promoted ideals that neither I nor the label in no way supported. Needless to say, upon learning of this, I was pretty pissed off. It's hard enough running a small label.  Then, to have to deal with a band who later turned into a bunch of classless, ignorant fools is a bunch of bullshit. I immediately destroyed all remaining copies of this cassette and posted a note similar to this on our social media.

I don't get asked about this very often - maybe 3 or 4 times in total - and my only hesitations in releasing a statement is that I don't want to give this release or the band any more attention. But I want to be firmly clear on this subject: Our Ancient Future and myself do NOT support the direction and promoted beliefs of Sacrificial Massacre in any way. 

It is disappointing that Alejandro has decided to take this project into such a ridiculous direction. He is a talented musician - and in the beginning of this project he was leaning on subjects regarding Aztec History & Paganism as well as Native American struggles. These are topics that are rarely brought to light in traditional black metal and are unique to this music. It also bothers me that he clearly does not give a shit about any consequences to anyone that has supported him in the past.

This is all we want to to say on the matter.  The TLDR official statement from Our Ancient Future is:

"Our Ancient Future does NOT support the direction and promoted beliefs of Sacrificial Massacre in any way, shape or form. We disavow any associations with this band. We also feel strongly, that Sacrificial Massacre can go eat a huge back of dicks, and hopefully choke on them."

- gj