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Veiled: "Omniscient Veil" Cassette

IRON BONEHEAD PRODUCTIONS is proud to present the highly anticipated debut demo of VEILED, Omniscient Veil. Although indeed the band's very first recording under the VEILED banner, the mysteriously titled Omniscient Veil is more of a rebirth than a brand-new birth itself: VEILED was born from the demise of Gnosis of the Witch as a necessity to break away from the monotony of mundane expectation. With heavy emphasis on astral atmospheric vibrations and ethereal soundscapes, VEILED is the matured growth of what the nevertheless-celebrated Gnosis of the Witch could not have been in its existence. Across the four expansive tracks of Omniscient Veil, the American duo patiently build yawning 'n' yearning chasms of ever-swirling black metal mysticism, neither tied to the first wave nor the new wave nor any wave. Ancient yet wholly modern, Omniscient Veil beckons complete and utter immersion, taking the grim hysteria of VEILED's preceding guise into subtler, more measured territory, landscapes that are nameless but somehow within grasp. IRON BONEHEAD label boss PK even adds harrowing session vocals to the second song, thus completing the totality that is Omniscient Veil. From total death comes total rebirth...

- Black Chrome Tapes
- Pro. Printed J-Card
- Limited To 500 Copies

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