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Mouth Of Madness: Mouth Of Madness Cassette

MOUTH OF MADNESS hail from Görlitz, Germany. Their story begins many years ago when two guys who share exactly the same devotion to dark, evil, and aggressive sounds met up to visit a lot of shows and fill up countless nights with beer and malevolent music. The same passion was the reason for buying cheap instruments and starting to play together in a small, filthy rehearsal room. After a couple of years of just playing some cover songs and recording a lot of demos, things had gotten a face and a direction was clearly recognizable. In December 2015, MOUTH OF MADNESS' first five songs were recorded. Pulsing with an ancient fire and doused with a sulfuric spirit, Mouth of Madness hammers home its intent succinctly and scabrously, sometimes reminding of old Aura Noir, Sweden's Unpure, and even mid-period Impaled Nazarene: this tape could just as easily come 1996 as it does 2016. (Nathan T. Birk)

- Red Tapes With Silver Onbody Print
- Pro. Printed J-Card
- Limited To 300 Copies