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Malsanctum: Metamorbid Fetishization Demo

Malsanctum: Metamorbid Fetishization Demo

Continuing their quest to unearth the darkest, gnarliest gems of the metal underground, IRON BONEHEAD PRODUCTIONS is proud to present MALSANCTUM's debut demo, Metamorbid Fetishization. Aptly titled, Metamorbid Fetishization is a sick 'n' sickening trawl through depths of sonic degradation. Neither doom metal nor funeral doom nor black metal, and yet malforming each with copious (and severe) slices of noise and ritualistic abandon, MALSANCTUM care not for the listener's comfort; only other-side atmosphere matters, and the journey to there. Alternately spacious and suffocating, Metamorbid Fetishization is a sprawling, one-track trek straight into the abyss.

- Smokey-Black Tapes With Black Onbody Print
- Pro. Printed Inlay
- Limited To 300 Copies