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AF010 Plague Phalanx: Iniquitous Eugenics

Plague Phalanx dawned in 2015 with a self-titled demo tape that proved too caustic for many. Immediately despised and misinterpreted by internet blog charlatans and bootlicking subhumans, Plague Phalanx’s name nevertheless spread like a deadly, virulent pathogen across the states, and beyond.

Hooded in black anonymity, these San Jose-based voidtroopers return to the year 2017 bearing seven new arms of annihilating blackdeath supremacy. Iniquitous Eugenics inflames the bestial impulses and invokes indiscriminate genocide with pestilential guitars, panzerblast drums, and warped vox like ghastly howls from the slaughterhouse drainpipes. Gluttons for Sect Pig, Goatpenis, and Crurifragium will relish this filth.

Limited to 200 copies. Terror repeats on both sides.

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