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AF009 Hellfire Deathcult: Death Worship

A name that’s earned a reputation for consistency and devotion, Hellfire Deathcult—in only four years—have carved their niche with napalm, jackhammers, and an unflagging delivery of unholy warfare. Yet on Death Worship, their third release to date, Chicago’s hooded beasts somehow outdo themselves. Hear mutated wild boar vocals spew nuclear hate. Hear riffs like infernal winds of hell rupturing forth from the earth, chased with bat-winged tormentors and leather-clad eaters of carrion. Hear drums blasting and blasting like some desperate gunner unloading round after round in an attempt to take the goddamn thing down. More than Archgoat’s supporting act, Hellfire Deathcult have transcended their bestial bonds for something purer evil. Death Worship is six attacks (plus an intro) of unstoppable demonic violence against humanity.

Limited to 200, hand-numbered, pro-quality cassettes, pro-printed j-cards.  Comes with a download code for MP3, FLAC or WAV files.

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