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AF017 DRUX: Herkeleth

AF017 DRUX: Herkeleth

From unknown hinterlands of western Sweden comes DRUX, impenetrable black metal violence. One unknown man stands accountable for DRUX, and Herkeleth, originally released in 2016 on an extremely limited CD, represents his entrance into the underground.

Nine counts of cruel opprobrium constitute Herkeleth. Expect adept human drumming, with copious blasting therein, riffs like electroshock therapy, and blood-spewing insectoid vocals. In essence, mercilessly executed, hate-filled Swedish black metal that’s intentionally marred with a poisonous atmosphere production

Available on cassette tape for the first time, Herkeleth will prove to be indispensable for fans of anti-human black metal like Antaeus, Hatespirit, Striborg.

Edition of 150.

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