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AF004 Defecrator: Satanic Martyrdom ep

Following up last year’s traumatizing Tales of Defecration demo, Northern California’s Defecrator now unleash their latest opus, Satanic Martyrdom, on 7” vinyl from Our Ancient Future Records. Judging by the hellish sounds captured on this recording, it’s evident that the trio spent the time between the demo and Satanic Martyrdom whetting their blades and antagonizing their sadistic urges.

With two new statements of confrontational blackened death chaos, Defecrator prove their volatility is matched only by their restraint, and their dedication to the production of profane aural devastation.

Mandatory for followers of Proclamation, Archgoat, and Revenge.

Each 7" comes with a sticker and digital download code.

Released on 7" vinyl, October 31, 2016. Limited to 300 black.

Distros get in touch for wholesale pricing.

Update: 11/29: If you are ordering from Europe, Iron Bonehead has copies so you can save on shipping!

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