Our Ancient Future

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AF013 ATTRITION - Demo 1

After subsuming its previous incarnation, Atomic Grave, this one-maniac death unit raised the banner Attrition and discharged its first attack in the form of hand-dubbed cassettes. Available initially in only two runs of ludicrously limited copies, Attrition’s debut tape is a three-stage charred-black and total death strike that leaves nothing behind except a sick admiration for one’s conqueror.

Saved from the shameful hell of obscurity in flipperdom, Our Ancient Future presents the pro-tape version of Attrition’s opening declaration of doom, and is therefore complicit in the mass deafening to come. With Demo 1, Attrition declares martial law on the underground.

Worship. Resist. Cower. Your fate will be the same regardless.

Comes with proof of allegiance.

Professional cassette + Jcard + Logo Patch. 
Comes with Download Code.


Also available: ATTRITION T-SHIRT


CANADA: Copies available directly from the band.

EUROPE:  Order here at Iron Bonehead to save on shipping.