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EVIL DAMN: Black Effigy 7"

EVIL DAMN (Goat Semen) - Black Effigy (7" Gatefold EP on Colored Vinyl)

Comes in a Gatefold jacket, all copies on colored vinyl.

Six long years since their last release, Peruvian death metal necromancers EVIL DAMN return with an unholy 'n' unremitting 7" EP, Black Effigy! Their killing skills and bestial fire even more up-ratcheted since that last split with Abigail, EVIL DAMN here unleash a trinity of black magickal Metal of Death hymns that both nod to the ancient tradition of South American insanity and yet bring their own diabolical identity. Ceaselessly surging and violently unhinged, yet with chops and songwriting to spare, EVIL DAMN usher in 2014 with a quick but wholly satisfying hellstrike for the ages! Includes two members of the cult GOAT SEMEN, and ex-members of Levifer and Black Angel.

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