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AF007 Taphos Nomos / Urðun : RIP lp

The idea to do this split arose organically out of a steady correspondence between Urðun’s Skaðvaldur and Taphos Nomos’ Mountain of Doom, sometime late in the summer of 2015, after both bands had released their respective demos.

From a mutual respect for each other’s bands a pact was born. Each band would write and record new material, exclusive for the split. Not long after, Urðun lost their original drummer. Then Canyon Shifter left Taphos Nomos. But neither band lost sight of the Oath.

Early 2016, Urðun found their most solid foundation yet in new recruit, Coffin Crusher. While Taphos Nomos were one night visited by a powerful force declaring itself as the guitarist, Torrential Abyss, roused from its deep slumber. With line-ups finally set in stone, Urðun and Taphos Nomos whet their split contributions on the skulls of their supplicants. While Taphos Nomos rained apocalypse stateside, Urðun crushedn’rolled at festivals in Iceland. So when it came time to record their respective songs, Urðun and Taphos Nomos were equally assured in the deadliness of their material.

Available for the first time on vinyl, R.I.P. proves that all along there existed a tacit competition between Urðun and Taphos Nomos. An unspoken challenge to see which band could write the most brutal song. With Rarely Investigated Phenomena, Taphos Nomos show themselves to be more disciplined and laconic with their death metal, but all the gothic weirdness that you loved about West of Everything Lies Death is not only present, but refined and more creatively blended in. While Urðun simply just got better at ripping off heads. Their Rigorously Intensified Putrefaction sounds perfect on vinyl, that most arcane format, where the maddening depths of their morbidity are here best explored.

Thus, with this latest offering from Our Ancient Future, a dread prophecy is hereby fulfilled.

Available in limited quantities of 200 black vinyl, and 100 blood red vinyl.  Each copy comes with download code, + 1 Taphos Nomos sticker + 1 Urðun sticker!

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