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AF005 Abysme: Strange Rites lp

Originally released in 2012 on CD by Hellthrasher Productions, Strange Rites is the first and only full length by the Pittsburgh-based death metal trio known as Abysme. Formed in 2006 and comprised of ex-members of Funerus and Crucial Unit, Abysme practiced their cryptic metal of death for three years before making a permanent mark on the world of man with their now extinct demo tape. Three years later they emerged from the catacombs once more with Strange Rites.

Ten tracks of subterranean and eldritch death worship now available for the first time on vinyl only from Ancient Future Records.

Logo Artwork by Chris Moyen - chrismoyen.com

Cover artwork by Putrid Matt - putridgore.com

Released on vinyl, October 4th, 2016. Limited to 300 black.

Comes with digital download code.

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