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Vircolac: "Codex Perfida" Cassette

Distro Item from Iron Bonehead

Formed just a year ago, Ireland's VIRCOLAC come storming out of the gates with their debut demo, Codex Perfida. Comprising veterans from the Irish metal scene, VIRCOLAC exhibit the poise and maturity that their combined experience suggests, their Metal of Death ranging various locales and eras whilst remaining an expression that's uniquely their own. At once cosmic and grounded in filth, bulldozing and palpitating, doomed-out and disgusting, Codex Perfida is a four-song study of contrasts, set amongst a haunting 'n' harrowing soundfield and shot through with violent execution. International death metal has a fiery new contender: VIRCOLAC are just getting started.

- White Tapes With Black Onbody Print
- Pro. Printed J-Card
- Limited To 300 Copies
- Second Pressing

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