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AF012 Sacrificial Massacre: Sons of Tonatiuh - Huitzilopochtli Made Flesh

Sacrificial Massacre’s sophomore album Sons of Tonatiuh - Huitzilopochti Made Flesh is an assault against all who dare approach it. The work of one who calls himself Tleyotlopochtli Mazacoatl, this album swallows you whole into a fully realized, densely layered dark inferno. Augmented by a humid and blood-soaked atmosphere, alive with a brutal heathenism that invokes chaos and cuts out the heart to move the skies, this is war metal in honor of those who fought with sinew and obsidian, gore-stained clubs and jaguar pelts.

Technically a reissue, and already several years old, Our Ancient Future rescues this modern relic from obscurity and brings it to an audience who need it now more than ever. Sons of Tonatiuh - Huitzilopochti Made Flesh is raw, hostile, and trenchantly anti-Christian. Sacrificial Massacre is black metal for those who worship Volahn, Black Witchery, Xibalba (MX), Wulkanaz, and Wongraven.

Professional cassette + 5 panel J-Card.  Comes with Download Code.

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