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Haud Mundus / Wormlust : "Oblivio Appositus" CD

The split release of Irish 'Haud Mundus' and Icelandic 'Wormlust' is difficult to put into words. 'Haud Mundus' (feat. members of 'Rebirth of Nefast / Myrkr / Slidhr') presents insight into the failed spirit of man, while 'Wormlust' offers an indescribable passage into otherworldly desolation. Compositionally, 'Haud Mundus' can best be compared to a mixture of its members aforementioned projects, whereas the contribution of 'Wormlust' can be compared with their acclaimed 'Seven Paths' demo.

CD comes presented in a luxurious embossed digipak with an 8 page booklet.

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