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Broken Spirit: Demo Collection 2012-2017

Broken Spirit: Demo Collection 2012-2017

Within Black Metal’s rawest side, Broken Spirit have been one of the main names to come out of the Underground on the last decade. With a musical approach characterized by a distinct feeling of decay and misery, the Australian horde have progressively developed its concept on a cluster of releases aptly exploring a putrescent atmosphere, further fulfilling its disturbing and putrid edge. The evolution displayed on obscure demo tapes and split releases presents the body of this "Demo Collection 2012-2017". With all tracks displayed on chronological order, this compiling effort perfectly exhibits Broken Spirit’s creation process, an epitome of morbid riffs, an overall aura of oppressive torment and death. 

Released by Black Gangrene on CD, "Demo Collection 2012-2017" is a stepping stone in the procreation of a musical abyss, the carving of a milestone in Raw Black Metal void.


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