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AF006 Hellfire Deathcult: Culto A La Muerte 2nd Pressing

First released intangibly upon touring stateside with Archgoat, Hellfire Deathcult’s Culto a la Muerte is a deadly scourge spreading rapidly throughout the underground. After a necessary six-month incubation period this noxious blend of pestilential torture is finally manifest in its physical consummation. Bearing nine curses of atmospheric and bestial cruelty cast against all life and sworn with the secret sign by a band rabid with vitriol and possessed by manifold evil.

A mandatory purchase for followers of Antediluvian, Teitanblood, and Genocide Shrines. This is Culto a la Muerte. Out now on pro-tape from Our Ancient Future Records.

Second Pressing: Limited to 120 Copies

Professional Black cassette with white print.

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Very limited First Pressing is available with patch and white cassette with black printing.